How to Keep Your House Clean with Dogs, While Your House is on the Market

On Jun 21, 2021
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Loading up pets and kids in the car constantly while your house is on the market kind of comes with the territory when selling your home.  Selling your home is stressful enough, then add trying to keep your home looking and smelling like Fido doesn’t live there and it takes it to another level.

Here are some tips and tricks to keeps pets happier and keep your home ready to show.  Did we also say how these tips can make your life so much easier?


#1 Clean All Those Soft Surfaces

First things first.  You really have to start by cleaning everything.  The first thing that you are going to want to do is clean all the soft surfaces.  Lots of dogs love to have beds and blankets laying around some even just lay on the carpet or rugs and furniture. They can often rub up against beds and curtains leaving oils and fur on the fabric.  Go ahead and round up all the blankets and dog bedding and put them in the laundry.  You might want to narrow the number of toys, blankets, and bedding that your dog has while your home is on the market just so you can grab it or stash it pretty quickly for a showing.  Next, decide if you want to have carpets or rugs professionally cleaned.  You can also send out curtains to the dry cleaners or launder them as well.  If your dog sleeps in your bed, make sure all the bed coverings are clean too.  Take a look at couches and chairs and spot clean and vacuum if needed.  You can also use products to spray on fabrics to help eliminate odors.

#2 Groom Your Pet 

While you are doing all this cleaning now is the perfect time to take your pet to the groomer or do it yourself.  The idea is to put a clean pet into a clean house right.  Brush your pet often to keep hair shedding down.

#3 Isolate your pet or make an outside dog an inside one

Nobody wants to confine a pet or make a pet unhappy. Grabbing a muddy dog out of the backyard and putting them in your car at a moment’s notice isn’t always the best option either. If it is possible to limit the area where your pet stays this can minimize the area that you have to maintain and keep clean.  Sectioning off a room for your pet can be challenging if they are used to being with the family but, taking them on extra walks might help to tire them out a bit and help them relax.  If you have outdoor dogs they can intimidate buyers (not everyone is a dog person).  If you have to put them in the car with you it might just create more work for you.   Cleaning your car after having your pets muddy feet or dog hair everywhere would just add to the stress.  Perhaps, making your now clean outside dog an inside dog might be an option.  You could even ask a neighbor that has a fence if your dog could stay at their house during showings.

#4 Clean Tile-Floor Grout

Another sneaky place that dog odor lives is in tile grout.  Pet urine can get in the porous grout and it can smell and be stained.  There are several things that you can do to grout to get it clean.  You can steam it out, try to paint over it and seal it or just chip out the old grout and put in new.  Professional tile cleaners can also clean tile and grout.  Check your grout and see if you can level up the smell and look of your home.

#5 Get an Air Purifier Tower

It might smell like home to you but, to another nose, it might smell like a dog.  Getting an air purifier to circulate and clean up hair and dander out of the air can help make the house smell better and could help with allergies.

#6 Get Rid of Scratch Marks

Pet toenails and mouths can do damage to surfaces.  Toenails can leave marks on walls and floors and mouths can eat trim.  Take inventory of all the scratch marks and even the dirt rubs on doors and get some wood-filler for wooden surfaces and paint and start repairing the areas.

#7 Absorb Odors with Charcoal 

Charcoal pulls moisture and odors out of the air.  You can get charcoal at the local store and place them all around the house.  You can get inconspicuous bags to hang around places that pets love.

#8 Clean and Get a Sniff Test  

Don’t forget to pick up pet poop from yards to avoid having it tracked in or a potential buyer stepping in it.  You can use rubber gloves to wipe down couches and furniture to grab unwanted hair.  Vacuuming often can also help from odors settling into surfaces.  After you feel like your home smells like a pet has never been in it before get a second opinion.  Sometimes we can become so accustomed to the smell of our home we can’t smell pet smells anymore.   Get your agent or friend to give you honest feedback on the smell of your home.

Selling your home can be a lot of work with pets.  We hope these ideas will give you some ideas on how to make it a bit easier.  If you are looking for an agent to come give your house the sniff test, look no “fur-ther” a Capstone Agent will be more than happy to sniff out a good deal for you. Contact us today at 256-382-7300.