Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

On Oct 5, 2020
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It will be winter before you know it and it is important to conduct fall home maintenance before the cold weather hits. This preventative maintenance will save you costly repairs down the road and will lengthen the life of some of your systems. Here are six easy fall home maintenance items:

Trim Trees

fall home maintenance

Prune your trees and shrubs to encourage healthy growth. Trim any trees that are too close to your house or power lines to prevent damage or utility outages in the future.

Fertilize Lawn

fall home maintenance

It may seem counter-intuitive to fertilize your lawn when it seemingly is going dormant. However, the roots of your lawn, shrubs and trees grow deeper and stronger during the winter season so fall is the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn.

Maintain Your Home Comfort System

fall home maintenance checklist

A professional should check your system for performance and repair issues. This will prevent costly repairs in the future or have a unit that isn’t working in the middle of the cold weather season. And make sure to replace your filters!

Maintain Fireplace

fall home maintenance

Fireplaces that are regularly used should have an annual cleaning to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Your flue should be tested to ensure there is a tight seal when closed.

Winterize Plumbing

To prevent pipes freezing and bursting, ensure that the pipes are well insulated. Make sure that sprinkler systems are drained before the first frost. It is important to know and how to locate the water shut off to your house in the event your pipes do freeze.

Winterize Lawn Equipment 

Pour fuel stabilizer into your lawn mower gas tank to keep the gas fresh. For smaller lawn equipment such as weed eaters, it is best to drain the gas prior to the cold weather.

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